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There is a saying "energy-saving" was used to describe all kinds of fun "legend" in human complex, and now this sentence for the Grand View Garden in the most practical description can also be applied to today's web game circle on the role of clothing. For many of the current web game characters, clothing, it seems that the design side feel more exposed, the more attractive to the players to play games. Most web games in this style under the Yinmi background of the game or an extremely demanding ancient sense of propriety.有句“饱暖思淫欲”的俗语曾是用于形容《传奇》中人的种种纷杂,而现在的这句对于大观园中最实际的描述也可以运用到的当今网页游戏圈的角色服装上了。对于现在的很多网页游戏的角色服装,似乎设计方都觉得露的越多越能吸引玩家来耍游戏。在这种淫靡的作风下的大多网页游戏的游戏背景还是礼义廉耻极其严苛的古代。

From the primary school books will continue to repeat we are the descendants of the Chinese nation, the Chinese nation should inherit the fine tradition of good results, we have learned, it is learned a lot of bad. The role of women in the web game clothes more of less vulgar sense, the game is no longer concerned about their gameplay charm, but to think that the role of scantily clad standard, set off from the side to adhere to the original design in the game of carnal have disappeared Not the least trace was found.. This issue will take stock of some games, female characters, clothing, exposure and non disclosure topics.从小学的时候书本上就会不断重复我们是炎黄的子孙,应该传承中华名族优良传统,结果咱们好的没学到,坏的倒是学了不少。在网页游戏女性角色衣服愈来越少的低俗感之中,这些游戏已经不再关注自己的游戏玩法的魅力,而都去想怎么让角色衣着暴露的有水准了,从侧面衬托出对于游戏最初设计的坚持在肉欲横流之下已经消失的无影无踪了。本期小编将对一些游戏女性角色衣着暴露和不暴露的话题进行盘点。


"Legend" the net swims recently whether television drama heat or heat game are unprecedented, after all this beautiful child that deer students let Yan a large part of the people not lick. This brought up unpopular hero is not heaven, only believe their momentum by many viewers automatically brought into your own life also thinking and a day. For "legend" of the heat, Xiao Bian did not how to watch TV, but some time ago it is playing the "legend" of this game, Xiao Bian played a great sense of relief ah.《传奇》这个网游最近不论是电视剧的热度还是游戏的热度都是空前绝后的,毕竟这个容貌秀美的那孩子小鹿同学的颜还是让很大一部分人舔的不行的。这带起来的火爆无非是主人公不顺天意,只相信自己的气势被很多观众自动带入自己的生活也想着与天一搏。对于《传奇》的热度小编没怎么去看电视,但是前段时间倒是玩了《传奇》这个游戏,小编玩了甚觉欣慰啊。

"Legend" of the game style in the history of web games, absolutely can be said to be a big reform, is no longer a static picture, quiet stagnant water, but dynamic, vibrant. While the focus of small to say is "legend" the character design followed the advantages of TV drama "legend", in dress for women is absolutely respect and not because want to attract customers and deliberately do very exposed. Women dress and dress drama is almost as like as two peas although not, what change, but at least he is not going to rub with heat exposure, reckon is because "legend" is the spokesman of the deer Han and Guli Nazha, two people as a new generation of actors in the limelight Masamori, there was no need for a scantily clad laihuo.《传奇》的游戏画风在网页游戏的历史上绝对可以说是大改革了,不再是静态的画面死水的安静,而是动态的生机勃勃。而小编要说的重点就是《传奇》的人物设计上沿袭了电视剧《传奇》的优点,在衣着上对于女性是绝对尊重的并没有因为想要吸引顾客而故意做的很暴露。女性衣着几乎是和电视剧中的衣着一模一样的,虽然说没什么改变,但是最起码他不会用暴露的方式去蹭热度,估摸是因为《传奇》的代言人是鹿晗和古力娜扎,两个人作为新生代的演员风头正盛,也没必要用衣着暴露来火了。

"Legend" in fact also has the role of dew place, but this dew method, small series or more like. Because there is water in the legend, whether male or female role role after water time will take the clothes off automatically, and then automatically put on when swimming out, the banzhebanyan exposed more attractive, after all, the ecstasy of hazy beauty.《传奇》中其实也是有角色露的地方的,不过这种露的方法小编还是比较喜欢的。因为传奇中有水,不管男性角色还是女性角色经过水路的时候都会把衣服自动脱了,游出来的时候再自动穿上,这种半遮半掩的露反而更吸引人,毕竟朦胧美最销魂。


The recent page tour is like the wind of the big TV series. The legend, the legend, has been around for a while, and the latest trend is legend. "Legend" that is how a big woman play, that is actually the slaves sing, or speak for women's feminist struggle, since it is the main body, then the design for the game "legend" female clothing cannot expose the.最近的页游都喜欢走大热的电视剧的风,上文说了《传奇》,《传奇》在前段时间的风头已经过去了,而最近的流行趋势是《传奇》了。《传奇》怎么说也是一部大女主戏,说的是翻身农奴把歌唱,其实讲的还是对于女性女权的抗争,既然是这样的主体,那么对于游戏《传奇》女性衣着的设计就不能暴露了。

Some web games used to cost brain cells to design partners, wondering how to make partners more sexy and attract players to buy more expensive partners. The "legend" here, buddy system of game design in the role of Zhao Liying is the prototype design, Zhao Liying is so adorable sister paper, certainly is not sexy, TV drama "legend" in the "Star" is how pure, natural partners in the system of Zhao Meizi's clothes it is certainly not exposed to. From this we can see that the first partner we got in legend is a lovely young girl named "Tsing Yi". "Star" will sit behind us when there is no task, swinging her foot humming a song, overwhelmed by the beauty, passion is better than the roaring waves several times.以往的一些网页游戏总喜欢在设计角色伙伴上大费脑细胞去想如何才能使伙伴更加的性感,吸引玩家去购买一些比较贵的伙伴。到了《传奇》这里,游戏设计的伙伴系统中的角色都是以赵丽颖为原型设计的,赵丽颖那么萌的妹纸,肯定是不会走性感路线,电视剧《传奇》中的“星儿”也是何等的清纯,自然在伙伴系统中赵妹子身上的衣服是铁定不可以暴露的。由此我们可以看见在我们得到《传奇》第一个伙伴,就是一个青衣飘飘的可爱少女“星儿”了。“星儿”在没有任务的时候会坐在我们的身后,晃着脚哼着歌,此番的良辰美景,胜过波涛汹涌的情欲数倍。


"Legend" this game is the big beauty Lin Chiling endorsement, to "legend" as the background. Nature, with legend as its background, is full of natural monsters. "Legend" in four there are two kinds of occupation occupation is the role of women, to see its poster, dressed female characters the two occupation family and demon clan are very decent and beautiful, Xiao Bian also had crossed the "legend" good dress design.《传奇》这款游戏是大美女林志玲代言的,以《传奇记》为背景的。自然以《传奇记》为背景那么自然妖怪众多。《传奇》四大职业中有两种职业是女性角色,看它的宣传画报,仙族和妖族这两种职业的女性角色衣着都是很得体又好看,小编还曾经跨过《传奇》衣着设计不错的。

Because the small play is beastkin strength bow, the first equipped or normal, two order start discovered human chest device, first order equipment is the most Lulu role shoulders, this not what. The results from the two order equipment, the dress is one order than the first-order dew ah, all the equipment are after the first order suxiongbanlu, enchanting legs. Especially from the beginning of the two order of clothing, in the key parts like to get what fluorescent wind around, so that players do not want to pay attention to difficult. In fact, clothes look good, but because of the dew point is too much, it is inevitable to disturb people feel vulgar. Let a person can not help but feel that is not a fairy seduce monk, have to wear clothes, that also can not succeed. But only in the role of the clothes on the exposed, reckon is to let the game player to buy. In addition to the characters, the NPC and partner systems are also female, and the large number of women is not exposed to clothing.因为小编玩的是妖族劲弓,结果一阶的装备还是很正常的,二阶开始就惊现“人间胸器”了,一阶装备顶多是露露角色的肩膀,这没什么。结果从二阶装备开始,那衣服是一阶比一阶露啊,一阶之后的所有装备都是酥胸半露、长腿妖娆。尤其是从二阶开始的衣服在重点部位都喜欢弄个什么荧光缭绕的,让玩家想不注意都难。其实衣服很好看的,但是因为其中露点太多难免扰人觉得低俗。让人不禁觉得是不是妖精勾引唐僧都得不穿衣服,那也成功不了啊。不过也只在角色上的衣服暴露了,估摸着是为了让玩家去买。除了角色之外的游戏NPC和伙伴系统中的伙伴也是女性角色众多的倒是没有出现女性衣着暴露的问题。

Think that year Xiaobian think "legend" as foreshadowing, Lin Chiling do endorsements game should not be for money, use this means to attract players, the result is not satisfactory.想当年小编觉得《传奇记》为铺垫、林志玲做代言的游戏应该是不用为了钱用这种手段去吸引玩家的,结果不尽如人意啊。

The awakening of the throne, striptease, legend王座觉醒脱衣舞《传奇

Fan Bingbing as the topic of the queen, in recent years, the film will not shock stage is Malaysia shock, so for Fan Bingbing endorsement of the "legend" of the small women dress is not what idea, but in the play "the legend" after the game, small or feel "legend" the role of clothing is can speak out the.范冰冰作为话题女王,近几年阶段片子也就不是车震就是马震的,所以对于范冰冰代言的《传奇》女性衣着的情况小编也就没什么想法了,不过在玩了《传奇》这个游戏之后,小编还是觉得《传奇》的角色衣着方面是可以拿出来讲一讲的。

Although the legend of clothing is exposed, but the exposed place is not what the majority of players want to see, but also a more magical way of exposure. "Legend" features gameplay throne awakening is no matter which chapter dress is very exposed, but have one thing in common, all exposures are based on the covering on the cover bottom, the general web game love dew three points it is none of the dew, also cover special don't close. The idea of "hazy beauty is beautiful" has been put into practice on every woman's role. It is still a strange way to expose it.

The above is Xiao Bian, for the recent hot games, women's clothing exposure inventory, summed up, the general Legend game background than the eastern game background of the game bold.传奇》的衣着虽然很暴露,但是暴露的地方倒不是广大玩家想看的了,也是比较神奇的暴露方法。《传奇》的特色玩法王座觉醒是不管哪一章的衣着都是很暴露的,但是有一个共同点——所有的暴露都是建立在遮胸遮屁股的基础上的,一般网页游戏喜欢露的三点它倒是一点都没露,还遮的特别严实。把“朦胧美才是真美”这个观点贯彻落实,放在每一个女性角色的穿着上,还是很奇特的暴露方法。


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